Business Law


Business Disputes

Business law, also referred to as commercial or corporate law, is the structure in place to regulate all aspects of commerce. The governance of business law is intended to promote fair trade and treatment of all stakeholders. Often parties enter into agreements that are unwritten, vague or unfair. As a result, issues of business law often arise as a result of a dispute, whether it is between businesses or within the operations of a business. These can be disagreements about the performance or enforcement of an agreement (whether stipulated in a written contract or not). 

Disputes pertaining to business law may be resolved in civil proceedings, where one party decides to bring a claim against another, which requires a legal response. The party who believes they were wronged is usually the party who institutes a claim and is referred to as the Plaintiff. The party against which the claim is brought is called the Defendant. If the two parties fail to amicably resolve the dispute then a lawsuit is filed by the Plaintiff. Mediation is usually required, and Jim Young has extensive experience as a mediator. If not settled in mediation, the case then enters litigation in a court of law, and ultimately judgment may be passed in favor of the Plaintiff or the Defendant.

If you need to bring a claim, file a lawsuit, or are being sued, Young Law is committed to fighting for the best interests of you or your organization. With over 20 years of experience in litigation and a deep understanding of business law and proceedings you can feel confident in your legal representation.

Legal Guidance

As a business, it is not always easy to navigate the complex regulations in place. Even in the original formation of the business there are many decisions with significant implications. Which type of entity to file oneself as, how to ensure fair treatment of employees, best practice for conducting your business, and transparency of financial processes are all extremely important considerations with potentially devastating consequences.

Young Law’s experience navigating Minnesota business law can help to ensure that your business is positioned to succeed without worry of legal complications. Whether you are looking to file a brand new business entity or have been in business for decades, Young Law is here to help with any legal concerns you may have.

Contract Law

Regulation surrounding contractual agreements can be an extremely nuanced part of law. Issues can arise regarding the original formation of a contract (whether an agreement was actually entered into), the enforceability or validity of the agreement, or issues with the performance of the agreement. Having a legal professional assist in the creation of contractual agreements can help to avoid future problems or disputes between the parties, while also ensuring the enforceability of the contract itself.

If you entered into a contract (intentionally OR unintentionally) that you realize is unfair or not what was originally intended/bargained for, a lawyer can file a claim disputing the terms of the contract. There are specific rules on what can be included in a contract, and if not followed the contract can be deemed unenforceable. 

Examples of this include:

  • Unfair or Unjust bargaining power of one party, including coercion
  • Stipulations in the contract that break pre existing state or federal laws
  • Steep penalization for breach of contract
  • Failure to disclose pertinent information
  • Fraudulent or false statements/pretense

Whether you need to stop a contract, are involved in a contract that was breached, or are currently anticipating a breach, Young Law can help to ensure that your needs are heard, prioritized, and met. Navigating contract laws can be a tricky and lengthy process, but you can feel confident in the representation of Young Law.